Women Quotes-50 Best Quotes Every Strong and Stylish Woman Must Read

Empowering Feminist Quotes To Inspiring Women

Women Quotes A woman is not just a mere word but according to Indian society, women is compared to a goddess. A woman plays different roles from their birth till death. Women first take care of her family as a daughter, sister and granddaughter then after marriage serves her another home as a wife, daughter-in-law, mother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and grandmother. There are various roles she has to play during her lifetime with her carrier/job simultaneously which makes her extraordinary. Women are completely different from men both physically and psychologically. Generally, we say men’s are stronger than women but they are more responsible and strong in various fields like childbearing (ability to withstand such pain) and child-rearing which makes her a goddess.

We all know what will happen if the roles were reversed when a man has to do all household chores with his job just like women and women has to work just like men. Being strong men he still won’t be able to handle that pressure and responsibility because it’s no joke but women will manage easily even in the office. A women’s life is not easy she has to bear huge responsibilities filled with lots of hardship and pain. Due to male dominating society she sometimes has to face assault both physically and mentally. Leads to breakdown but to fill her life with happiness, inspiration and hope few words of appreciation are enough and women quote serve its purpose of filling a dull life of women into a happy and joyful one.

Quotes for women are a collection of words filled with emotions, inspiration, appreciation, happiness, hope, positivity and strength which will either make them happy or make them feel super inspired. One can share these women’s quotes with his/her mother, sister, wife, mother-in-law, grandmother and all the pretty women who are close to their hearts. To make them feel special and to show them they are being cared for, loved and appreciated for all her work and hardships she has been through, these women quote are the best possible way and effective. There are different kinds of quotes for women, for all the roles of women she played her lifetime and quotes which are suited to various occasions like mother’s day, women’s day, birthdays, marriage, anniversaries and Hindu festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Doj, etc.
Women quote can also be funny to lighten the mood of the women you love, can be romantic also to make your women feel loved and can be inspiring also to give them strength and inspiration they need sometimes to overcome the hurdles in her life. One can share these women quote any time from any place and by any means through message, e-mail, Whatsapp, hike, facebook, twitter or any social media you feel comfortable with. One can share these lovely women quote by sending them as text or images.
So do not forget to show your love, affection, care, and support to the women you love with these women’s quotes. Show your mom how much you miss her and love her, show your sister what she means to you and show your wife how lucky you are to have her. Have a nice day and enjoy the collection.

1. inspirational quotes for women.
women who run with the wolves quotes

2. women empowerment quotes.
women empowerment quotes

3. Strong Women Quote with pictures.
what women want quotes

4. It takes a strong man to handle a broken woman.
strong women quote

5. Best women quote which represent that there s always a woman behind a man success.
quotes on women

6. quotes for women.
women day quotes

7. encouraging quotes for women.
quotes on women empowerment

8. quotes on women empowerment.
respect women quote

9. words of encouragement for women.
quotes on strong women

10. womens day quotes.
quotes about women

11. Inspiring quotes for women.
quotes about women

12. Strong women quote with pics.
women power quotes

13. Women Quote related to mother and daughter.
quotes for women

14. Real women power quotes.
inspirational quotes for women

15. Proud to be a women quote.
working women quotes

16. Appreciate a women quote.
motivational quotes for women

17. Women Quote about men.
powerful women quotes

18. powerful women quote.
beautiful women quotes

19. “Little dreams with dreams become women with vision.”
classy women quotes

20. Strong women intimidate boys and excite men.
successful women quotes

21. “Some women are lost in the fire some women are built from it.”
women strength quotes

22. Strong women quote with pics.
badass women quotes

23. inspiring women quote.
quotes on women power


quotes about women empowerment


Women Quote with images

women quote images

bold women quotes

women attitude quotes

quotes about strong women

30. Women Quotes
quotes for strong women

inspirational quotes for women

inspirational quotes for women

women quotes

motivational quotes for women

women empowerment quotes

pregnant women quotes

happy women quotes

ungrateful women quotes

real women quotes

positive quotes

quotes about life

quote of the day

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short women quotes

single women quotes

women safety quotes

quotes for women empowerment

quotes on women empowerment in hindi

brave women quotes

 best women quotes

women day quotes in english

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