25 Best Nelson Mandela Quotes About Love And Life With Images

Famous Nelson Mandela Inspirational Quotes About Life And Love

Nelson Mandela Quotes: Biography of Nelson Mandela:  Nelson Mandela was not just the first black president of South Africa but he was a revolutionary that fought against apartheid and he was also a Philanthropist. Born July 18, 1918, he grew up in a society full of rituals and taboos. He grew up with two sisters in his mother’s village. He was a cattle boy and tended to herd of cattle and the rest of his time was spent playing with other boys. His parents were both illiterate but he was sent to a school when he was seven years old. He attended Fort Hare University where he studied law. While he was living in Johannesburg, he involved himself in some anti-colonial politics He joined the ANC and became a founder member of its Youth League. He rose to fame when he became a part of the anti-apartheid struggle that they started against apartheid which was racial segregation established by the National party at that time.

Lifestyle Of Nelson Mandela: While Fighting against apartheid as a lawyer and a member of ANC he was arrested several times. In the year 1961, he co-founded Umkhonto we Sizwe and lead the sabotage campaign against the government and he was arrested once again in the year 1962. He was charged with Conspiracy to overthrow the state and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He served 27 years in prison and was released when an international campaign started which demanded his release and it was granted and he was released. Despite being the prion for fighting against racism and apartheid he didn’t stop his fight. He again had negotiations with the president and demanded apartheid to be abolished. He also wanted multiracial elections to be established. In the year 1994, he won the multiracial elections became South Africa’s first-ever black president.

During his reign as president, he created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the Human rights abuses.  He did so much for the country as a president, he worked not only against racism but he also worked to eliminate poverty, improving health care facilities, encouraging land reform. He later declined his second term and became a statesman and he did charitable work for the betterment of society. He gave so many beautiful and meaningful quotes in life which are really helpful in lifelike Inspirational, motivational, about love, about fear, about life, for education, on leadership, about freedom, about forgiveness, peace quotes, etc so many meaningful quotes.

Below are some of his most popular quotes do check them out.

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Even though his life was controversial and some even said that he was a communist terrorist it didn’t stop him from fighting for what was right and that is why he was even internationally acclaimed as a great activist. He passed away at the age of 95 due to prolonged Respiratory infection on December 5, 2013. He was mourned not only by the nation but also by the World.

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