Top Best 5 Books To Manage Your Money Well & Grow

5 money management books to help you save, invest, and grow your money.

Books Which Manage Your Money Well: Have you ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of having too many months left at the end of your money? Or, maybe you’re making lots of money but can’t figure out how to invest it. If this sounds like you, then it might be time to start reading up on some money management books that will help you save and grow your money wisely.

There are plenty of money management books out there, and not all of them are created equal. Some are written in easy-to-understand language, and others can seem more like textbooks than how-to guides for novice investors. Here are five top money management books to help you invest your money wisely, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to build upon your existing knowledge base.

Book 1: Making Money Simple

A Guide for Teenage Entrepreneurs by Peter Lazaroff  (Author). This book gives young entrepreneurs a simple guide to starting a business and keeping good track of their finances. It explains how teenagers can use things like creating a budget, making sure their taxes are paid on time, filing taxes for freelancing clients, how insurance works when it comes to running their own business (and what kind of policies they need), choosing between sole proprietorship or LLC formation and more. The thing I liked best about Making Money Simple is that it explains why each step is important in detail – there’s not just an explanation of because we told you so, but there are often real-life examples showing why getting an accountant will benefit your tax return (for example). Plus? If your budget isn’t working out perfectly?


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Book 2: MoneyWise

The Financial Advice You Need to Thrive in Today’s Economy by Deepak Shenoy (Author). This book is an all-in-one approach to personal finance that manages to cover everything from preparing for retirement and college savings plans to investing strategies and planning out a will. Given its breadth, it can be intimidating. how do I know where to start? The short answer: wherever you like. For maximum utility (and enjoyment), read MoneyWise in small chunks over several weeks or months instead of trying to tackle it all at once; taking it slow will also make it more digestible. Some sections are relevant only once every few years (like for instance life insurance), but others like how dividends work or how IRAs work can be useful on a monthly basis.


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Book 3: Good Money Revolution

From Poverty Capital to Prosperity Power author: Jacqueline Novogratz The book was published on Jan 1st, 2016 Good Money Revolution is a nonprofit working toward systemic change in two areas critical for alleviating poverty: capital markets and financial systems; social enterprises that bring innovative solutions to life-threatening problems; and pioneering entrepreneurs who create opportunities in communities where they live and work. #Learn more about the book.


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Book 4: The Psychology of Money

Why we don’t save enough and what we can do about it: The 4th book is a personal favorite of mine because I found it extremely helpful when I was trying to get my finances under control. Written by Daniel Crosby a renowned specialist in behavioral finance and personal finance, he helps readers understand our feelings toward money so that they can better manage their finances themselves or find people who can help them (i.e. Financial Planners). Crosby also wrote one of my favorite business books The $100 Startup which covers how entrepreneurs can start out with very little capital but also covers how they can work smarter not harder to achieve success early on before having a lot of capital available. Check it out.

buy-psychology of money

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Book 5: Mint Your Money

A simple guide that is easy to read and understand by going through different parts of finance one section at a time like net worth calculation or debt reduction. Doing so it will allow readers to have an overview of their financial life. Moreover, it helps build a habit of reviewing each category so they can track their progress over time as well as make corrections whenever needed as budgets can always be improved.


Asides from reading up on tips on financial management, readers will also get information on managing various aspects of finances such as banking accounts and credit cards which are essential in many places today especially for paying bills or obtaining loans with ease.

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If you want to make your money work harder for you, it’s time to get educated on how to manage it well. Of course, knowledge isn’t enough. you also need to take action and put the strategies you learn into practice in order to benefit from them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best money management books for different age groups, covering everything from getting out of debt and planning your retirement to saving more and earning higher returns on your investments. Hurry up and buy them for yourself and your children.

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