Mothers Day Quotes – 50 Most Beautiful Quotes For Mothers With Pictures

Best Mothers Day Quotes With Images.

Mothers Day Quotes: We have heard quite a lot “God can not be present everywhere and so he created mothers”. This is true as Mothers are as close to god as you can get while you are alive. Mothers are such wonderful creations. Mothers have a soft soul and a heart full of lots of love and care. Mothers are as strong as they are soft. Mother not only go through pregnancy but also childbirth.

Despite the horrible labor pain and contractions they happily give birth to their babies. Mothers make their babies their whole life till they are old enough to take care of themselves. Even when people grow up in their mother’s eyes they are still their precious baby who needs love and care and attention. Mothers cook for you, clean after you, and take care of you without demanding weekend holidays for paid vacations. Mothers are there for their children 24/7. Mother cherish their children every day so children need to cherish their mothers the same.

Children can make their mothers special in so many ways but mother’s day is the best day to do so. In different countries, this day is celebrated on different days but in most countries, it is celebrated in the month of May. This day is to honor motherhood. This day is dedicated to all the mothers to make them realize their importance in their children’s lives.

In different countries, people celebrate differently. There are different ways in which you can make your mom feel special. You can bake a cake for her with the help of your father or older sibling if you are too young. You can make a homemade flower bouquet for her. You can buy your mom something that she really wants. You can also make cards at home with beautiful messages inside that convey your love for her. You can also write poetry for her you can share her chores and responsibility so that she can rest for a while.

Mother’s day is a wonderful opportunity to tell your mom how much you love her and how much she means to you. Below are some mother’s day quotes that you can use your card for your mother.

1. Mothers Day Quotes with pictures.

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15. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.
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