30 Really Inspiring Quotes By Lou Holtz With Images

Lou Holtz Quotes about Inspiration and Motivation In Life.

Lou Holtz Quotes and Biography: Lou Holtz is an American footballer, coach, and analyst. He was born in Follansbee, West Virginia. He was raised as a Roman Catholic. He grew up in East Liverpool and graduated from East Liverpool High School. He attended Kent State University after high school. He played college football as an undersized linebacker. He completed his graduation in 1959 with a degree in History. He received his master’s degree in 1960 and that is where he starting his coaching career. The Ohio State Buckeyes football team won the national championship under his coaching.

He first worked as the head coach for the William and Mary College football team in the year 1969. He led several teams to win with his brilliant coaching and he is the only college football coach to lead six different programs to bowl games. He is not only a great coach is also known for his amazing motivational speeches. He is widely acclaimed to be one of the best motivational speakers that inspire generally athletes and players. He has been a source of inspiration for many players. In the year 2005, he joined ESPN as a college football analyst. He retired on November 8, 2004.

Below are some of his most popular quotes that inspired thousands of people around the world.

1: Lou Holtz quote With Pictures.
lou holtz quotes funny

2: Quotes on discipline, winners, and hard work.

lou holtz quotes

3: Motivational quotes by Lou Holtz.

lou holtz - motivational speech

4: Lou Holtz Motivational quotes.

lou holtz books

5: Goals and Hardworking Quotes If You are bored with Your life.

notre dame quotes

6: You were not born a winner quote.

quotes from football coaches

7: This one is the best quote of all time and it’s really true.

if what you did yesterday seems big

8: Always have four things quote.

lou holtz politics

9:  Lou Holtz quote can I trust you.

lou holtz speech

10: Biggest motivational quote by Lou Holtz.

motivational quotes

11: You’ll never get ahead of anyone quote by Lou.

lou holtz quotes after landing

12: Motivational quotes by Lou Holtz.

lou holtz quotes funny

13: I can’t Believe quote by Lou.

lou holtz quotes i follow three rules

14: Quotes on Ability, Attitude, and motivation.

lou holtz quotes on teamwork

15: Win and Lose quotes.

lou holtz quotes on leadership

16: Quotes on self-discipline.

lou holtz quotes do the right thing

17: It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

lou holtz quotes about life

18:Lou Holtz quote on no explanation.

lou holtz quotes ability

19: Lou Holtz famous quotes.

famous lou holtz quotes

20:  Lou Holtz Best Quotes on Life.

lou holtz quotes on discipline

21: Best life inspirational quotes

lou holtz quotes do the right thing

22: Best life quotes on success.

lou holtz quotes about life

23: Hard work quotes to achieve success.

famous lou holtz quotes

24: Life quotes by Lou Holtz.

famous lou holtz quotes

25: Lou Holtz quote no explanation.

lou holtz quotes ability

26: Best inspirational Lou Holtz quote.

lou holtz quotes ability

27:  Quotes for the winner.

famous lou holtz quotes

28: Lou Holtz quote on poster.

top 20 lou holtz quotes

29: Best quotes of Lou Holtz with pictures.

louis leo holtz quotes

30: Best inspirational quotes by Lou Holtz with photos.

louis leo holtz quotes

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