60+ Great Fashion Quotes From Fashion Icons Inspiration For Style & Personality

Best Fashion Quotes For All Time For Style And Inspiration For Men And Women

Fashion Quotes: What is Fashion? Fashion is the style of clothing, hair, decoration, your behavior. Fashion is that manner of doing something new and interesting. Fashion is related to our personality in terms of visual information. Fashion shows our style of choosing clothes with an attitude to show the world and its people. It’s some kind of communication. The fashion of wearing clothes with attitude shows our status. The fashion of wearing clothes speaks many times that who you are.

Fashion has the ability to increase your self-confidence. Many celebrities follow the latest fashion and style. Also, they give so many Quotes about their lifestyles. There are so many fashion quotes that are really inspiring.
Here we collect some of the 50 best fashion quotes for everyone. Take a look at these 60 best quotes about fashion For Style And Personality Inspiration In Life.

1: “Never say never in fashion, Because you’ll be wearing ‘Never’ in two years’ time.”Best fashion quotes

2: “My feeling is that it’s not about how much something costs. If it looks great, It looks great.”

fashion quotes

3: “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, But what makes it new is the way you put it together.”

quotes about fashion

4: “Black and  white always look modern, whatever that word means.”

funny fashion quotes

5:  “If you wear things you adore, You just look better.”

famous fashion quotes

6:  “Dress like you’ve made something of yourself in the world, Even if you haven’t.”

women fashion quotes

7: “Cut in dressmaking is like grammar in the language.”

quotes on fashion


9: “Style is not a display of wealth, But an expression of imagination.”

mens fashion quotes

11:  “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

mens fashion quotes

12:  “Dress like you’re already famous.”

fashion designer quotes

13:  ” Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

fashion quotes coco chanel

14:  “I can’t concentrate in flats.”

fashion quotes coco chanel

15: ” Dress How you want to be Addressed.”

best fashion quotes

16:  “Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.”

quotes about fashion and style

17:  “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” 
friday fashion quotes

18: “There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, About who you are – Emma Watson.”

inspirational fashion quotes

19:  “Always remember it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.”

fall fashion quotes

20:  “Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine.”

fashion style quotes

21  “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” 

fashion quotes tumblr

22:   “Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.” 

quotes fashion

23:   “Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style.”

fashion quotes for instagram

24:  “Style all who have it share one thing: Originality.”

audrey hepburn fashion quotes

25:  “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion.”

monday fashion quotes

26: “It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

fashion statement quotes

26: “Swag is for boys, Class is for Men.”

spring fashion quotes

27: “I like being a woman, Even in a man’s world. After all, Men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants – Witney Housten.”

short fashion quotes

28: “A gentleman who’s sure of his steps doesn’t need to prove other paths wrong.” 

coco chanel fashion quotes

29: “Fashion is instant language.”

coco chanel fashion quotes

30:  “I really need new clothes –  Me every morning.”

cute fashion quotes

31: “I don’t really believe in any fashion rules. I think fashion is a form of self-expression. Wear whatever you want.”

black and white fashion quotes

32: “Style, because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.”

famous fashion designer quotes

33: “Pretty is an accident of nature. Elegant is a self-created work of art.”

fashion show quotes

34:  “Money talks. Style doesn’t have to.”

fashion quotes chanel

35: “Fashion is not about buying a second skin. Fashion is about having a fantasy.”

quotes from fashion designers

36:  “If you can’t be better than your competition, Just dress better than them.”

fashion icon quotes

37: “I don’t dress up for anyone but me.”

black fashion quotes

38: “Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.”

quotes about fashion and art

39: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, In the street, Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, What is happening.”

women fashion quotes

40:  “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.” 

women fashion quotes

41: Fashion Quotes for women
men's fashion quotes

42: Fashion Quotes for young girl
women fashion quotes

43: Motivational Fashion Quotes 
fashion quotes funny

44: Many celebrities also give so many fashion quotes which are really inspired.
fashion models quotes

45: Fashion Quotes for young men 
 carrie bradshaw fashion quotes

46: Fashion Quotes pics images photos pictures.
fashion and beauty quotes

47: Fashion Quotes Inspirational and motivational
fashion accessories quotes

48: Fashion Quotes for men and women
fashion accessories quotes

49 : Famous fashion quotes
fashion accessories quotes

50 : Inspirational Fashion Quotes for men and women.
high fashion quotes

fashion model quotes

summer fashion quotes

man fashion quotes

funny quotes about fashion

funny quotes about fashion

trend quotes fashion

fashion quotes

quotes about fashion

funny fashion quotes

famous fashion quotes

quotes on fashion

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